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Does Being Adjudicated Guilty Mean That You Cannot Get Your Record Expunged?

In the case of Julie Matthews versus the State of Florida, Ms. Matthews appealed a judge’s decision to not expunge her criminal-history record for grand theft of an automobile based upon the following facts: “During the evening of March 8, 1995, . . . Julie Matthews was with a group of friends at a restaurant. […]

What is the difference between being adjudicated guilty and having adjudication withheld?

People frequently call my office asking whether they can get their criminal record sealed. One of the first questions I ask them is whether they have ever been adjudicated guilty of any criminal offense (as opposed to adjudication having been withheld), even for something like reckless driving or DUI. Many do not know the answer […]

Can my criminal record be sealed?


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If you have previously been convicted of a felony, misdemeanour or violation of a criminal ordinance, you cannot have your Florida Criminal Record expunged.

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If you have previously had a criminal record expunged, you cannot have your Florida criminal record expunged.

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If you are currently under house arrest or probation, or another form of Court supervision, you cannot have your Florida criminal record expunged at this time.

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